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(Bonus Someone like football. I'm a Someone women with a very quiet tame life, and I'm thinking about directly changing that.

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Relationship Status: Dowager
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City: Riverside, CA
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Top definition. Someone unknown.

A Person. What Someone the hell else would this word mean?

Someone will kill you Someone being stupid. An unknown Someone unspecified person. Get off the internet and talk to someone.

Unlessof courseyou're talking about this definition. Someone human being.

Sometimes Someone to a specific person and sometimes not. Is George Bush already impeached?

No, but someone should really do that. Someones unknown. Plural Someone someone.

That awkward moment when you REALLY want to correct Someone spelling or grammar in their status but Somene can't because you don't actually Someone them that well. Schrodingers asshole Cole's Law YESKA Infrastructure week Let's just be friends Someone and Diane Awl Rubbernecker Brolick Wee Cow Burninate Krocsyldiphic Blood Eagle M f-ing Someone Soft boy May 23rd.

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